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payment methods

Payment Methods

All transactions and applications paid in full in advance , We apologize for any application before receiving complete payment of the cost agreed upon by the parties.
After the transfer the amount of work is sent a copy of the transfer depends on the company fax or attach a copy of the request at the company site that is written after the application number and the name of the client , And will be confirmed by customer service and arrival transfer and receipt of payment and to respond to the customer through customer service system.
Note: Electronic communications between the client and the company is a legal document Rmesip are approved in all judicial authorities.

Payment by credit cards:

Payment is made by credit card in cooperation with 2CheckOut company, one of the largest US companies engaged in the collection of amounts on the Internet and most credible. Payment by credit card must first register through our website to apply for the service to be obtained,ar. After completing the registration process is automatically transport to the site 2CheckOut company, where he must enter your credit card information. After completing the payment process, you need 2CheckOut nearly Company 24 An hour to make sure that the card is used and usable is stolen, after the completion of the verification of the validity of the card to contact us to let us know 2CheckOut company the possibility to activate the service to the buyer process,ar. Important Notices: Have all the information relating to the introduction of both the owner of the card or credit card in the same English-language site 2CheckOut company, and in the case of the introduction of any information in the Arabic language, the payment will be rejected by the 2CheckOut,ar. In case of refusal 2CheckOut company of the card due to the introduction of false or incomplete information do not bear the responsibility of any company returns for the amount paid, but the owner contact the card company 2CheckOut directly to find out the reason for rejection and later returned the amount paid to his account,ar.

You can pay via Paypal :

The service is available to subscribers and those who have an account with our services and by entering the user name and PIN number for customer service will find a new option under the name ( Add balance )
Can be added to the balance in your account now and within minutes find the added amount of demand for services such as registration or renewal of domain names services and hosting, as well as to add balance trowels and technical support service, design and programming.